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I had a lot of fun with this cute couple. We found a beautiful little field near Sundance. I hoped my ravishing good looks and charm would prevent us from getting kicked off the private property but a few minutes into it we got busted. Luckily we had pretty much wrapped up that location.
I know a bunch of their friends and have had more requests from them to hurry and edit these pictures then the couple themselves. So without further ado…

This couple was so funny. I think they would have been just fine with me taking one quick picture of them and calling it good. Which would have been a shame because we got a bunch of good shots I think. Steph’s mom was there as well encouraging them on.

Seriously one of the nicest couples ever! Not too surprising that they met at EFY. Plus the only people I know who’s honeymoon is months long. I’m so jealous.

Ruth is such a doll. She wasn’t to sure if she wanted to smile for me but after a little work she was convinced.