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Forever I have had my main site forwarded to this blog. But finally I have a site built and ready to showcase my work. Go check it out, and comeback to let me know what you think.

Morning Breakfast

February 14, 2011

I love spending Saturday mornings with my kids. This last Saturday my Little Buddy helped me make breakfast burritos. He is obsessed with being a chef lately, which I fully support. I am certainly not a chef, but I was able to teach him one very important thing. All good chefs taste the food. He liked that idea.

I included a picture of my Sweet Pea, because how many people look that cute right after waking up?

He Sits!

February 6, 2011

It only took him seven months to master but he finally has it down. He can jump, he can catch air in his bouncy seat, he can make his car seat turn 180 degrees by rocking himself, and I may have seen a bit of an army crawl. But sitting up has been a struggle, until now.

Wow, I’ve been very busy. Taryn and I are preparing for a Wedding Show at Thanksgiving point. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the fun things we are doing for the show.
Until then you can enjoy Seija and Tyler’s pictures. They were a lot of fun to shoot, and there is no hiding their excitement for the up coming big day. Sometimes it takes a little work or time to get people to give me a real smile or laugh. I learned quickly that when I asked Seija to give me a serious look, that was code for bust out in uncontrollable laughter.