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Ashley and Matt Formals

November 27, 2011

It’s getting pretty cold outside. I’m not one that really likes when the temperature drops. I like playing outside with my kids, and you can’t do that as much during the winter. However, as my family and I were out driving around this afternoon, I couldn’t help but want snow. It’s a month until Christmas, and I think in order for me to fully get into the Christmas spirit, it really needs to snow. Do you feel the same way?

About a week ago, I met with Ashley and Matt at Wheeler Farm to take their pictures. Even though it was really cold, Ashley was awesome. I know I complained more about it than she did, and I was wearing a sweater.

I love the romantic feel these two brought to these pictures. I’m excited to share them with you.

Abbie and John – Bridals

November 23, 2011

I just shot this couple’s wedding yesterday and was told by a couple of the guests that I needed to update my blog. I sometimes forget that people look at this daily and want to see something new. So here I am, updating my blog.

I love shooting with horses. Its always a challenge but the results are so fun. When I discussed this session with Abbie and John they mentioned that they would like to shoot in Covered Bridge Canyon, which I had never heard of, but I’m so glad they had. It was so beautiful and John’s horses were just gorgeous.

Annie and Kacey – Bridals

November 23, 2011

Annie and Kacey are a great couple. I recently photographed their wedding and had so much fun. I’ve been meaning to share their bridals with you, but I’ve been crazy busy lately. Originally we wanted to shoot up in Albion Basin but as luck has it, it snowed a couple days before our session and the roads were closed. I’m actually glad that happened because the colors that were in the valley that night were just beautiful.