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My Life

December 20, 2011

People always ask me to post more pictures of my family. My kids are seriously so fun and cute but also VERY crazy. My wife and I were told having three kids is a total game changer. This is a huge understatement. Ethan is getting to the age where he can be somewhat helpful, but his energy level is off the charts. Ada knows she is my only little girl and uses that to her advantage. She can be a snot and somehow my tolerance level is a little higher with her. Gabe has taken many lessons in crazy from his older siblings. I can tell he will be the hardest of them all. He learned early on that mild crying brings mild results, but high pitched screaming brings immediate attention. And despite being terribly bull-legged, Gabe is scary fast. He can disappear around a corner and be destroying things before you even know he’s off your lap. As crazy as these three are, I love them so much. Then there is Taryn. She is the obvious reason as to why my kids are so good looking, and to be honest, I think she is the source of the craziness. I don’t know anyone that loves her kids as much as she does.

Bell Family

October 13, 2011

Teresa – ┬áIt was a pleasure spending a beautiful evening up in the mountains with your equally beautiful family.

Morning Breakfast

February 14, 2011

I love spending Saturday mornings with my kids. This last Saturday my Little Buddy helped me make breakfast burritos. He is obsessed with being a chef lately, which I fully support. I am certainly not a chef, but I was able to teach him one very important thing. All good chefs taste the food. He liked that idea.

I included a picture of my Sweet Pea, because how many people look that cute right after waking up?

My Little Snow Angel

December 20, 2010

My little girl is such a doll. I just had to post this one from last weeks little snow storm.

Frame Family

December 17, 2010

Collins Family

October 26, 2010

Hudson 1yr

October 26, 2010

My niece and nephew are just so flipping cute.

Pearson Family

October 25, 2010