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Sneak Peek

January 4, 2012

I love it when I get a picture that not only makes me take a step back but also makes my wife melt. These picture of Arianna and Mike did just that.
I had to share them with you.

Sami and Blake Wedding

January 2, 2012

I love this time of year. I love all the family parties, the positive atmosphere, and new resolutions. One of my resolutions last year was to find more time to blog. Well here I am making up for last year’s slacking. Sami and Blake had such an amazing wedding. Sometimes I get to share stories with other photographers about cool things we’ve experienced at weddings, and I have to say the hot air balloon is one of the best. This wedding seemed so action packed. I remember coming home and crashing on the bed, ready to pass out. The dancing, in particular, was off the hook! (Yes, I’m aware people don’t say “off the hook” anymore.) Looking at these pictures makes me forget, for a second, how bitterly cold it is today. I hope you warm up looking at them, too.  Enjoy.

These two are so in love and you can just feel it when you’re around them.

Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2012

I hope your celebration was as exuberant as ours. Here’s to an amazing 2012!

new year 2012

As far as backyard receptions go, this was the best I’ve seen so far. The time and thought that went into every detail sent this wedding over the top. They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck and I think that’s what Brianna heard all day long. The weather at the temple was beautiful, but the clouds were quickly getting darker. By the time we reached the home for the reception it had begun to rain. The tables were decorated, the lights were strung, and it was time for some family pictures. Then the first gust came and knocked vases and candles over. Then the rain got harder and everyone retreated into the house for shelter. Brianna was so sad as her husband, dad, and pretty much everyone else, continued to tell her that it would clear up and to just keep smiling. Sure enough, as people were about to arrive, the rain stopped.  A rush of neighbors and friends scattered to reset the tables and get the food on the table. We snagged a bunch of group pictures and the party began. And believe me, it was an awesome party.

This middle picture is a great example of a family request that probably only family would laugh at. But in case you have seen the movie Hotrod, Brianna’s brother Daniel is doing the Richardson dance and it cracks me up every time.

Many of you know that my wife does some amazing wedding invitations, but I just had to show this one off. It’s one of my favorites that she has ever done. This heavy stock kraft paper was so cool and the ink was hand screen printed onto the paper. If anyone is looking for a custom and beautiful wedding invitation you should for sure give her a call.

There is nothing cooler than having your grandpa whip out his sax and play some sweet jazz music. He was really good, too.

There are many opinions about dancing and rocking out at a wedding, I have to say I am a fan. If I could do it all over again, I would learn some sweet moves and dance at my wedding. The dancing at this wedding was so much fun I couldn’t resist jumping around a bit myself. I even caught Trevor with Haugen Creative set down his camera and show off his skills.

Everyone wants a unique send off. I’ve seen Harleys, Horses, awesome cars, and much more, but the scene of 50 or more balloons with LED lights in them, slowly drifting off really stunned everyone. I think we all stood there for five minutes just staring. Kyle’s family owns the Zurchers stores and they had this great idea.

Here is a long list of some of the vendors

Bride’s Dress- The English Dept.
Groom’s Suit- Nordstrom
Invitations and Signs- Taryn Christine
Videography- Haugen Creative
Flowers- Chris Boardman (My mother-in-law, if you would like to get in touch with her please email me)
Cake- Carries Cakes
Food- Le Croissant
Dj- Joe Muscolino
Jewelry- J Crew

Family Pictures

December 28, 2011

I love seeing my pictures printed. Somehow, my images on a beautiful 27″ bright Apple screen still doesn’t compare to a nice gallery wrap or metallic print. One of my favorite parts of a wedding is showing up to a wedding reception to see my images covering the walls and tables. The most amazing one has to be Caitlin and Sam’s wedding when they had one of their bridals blown up to 8′x12′. Yes, that’s 8 Feet x 12 Feet print.
Here is another fun way to display images that my mother-in-law came up with for her own house. With her fast growing family she wanted a way to update the family portrait without re-shooting everyone. Now if one of her two eligible son’s gets married or one of her three married kids has another kid, we can just print another 8×8 and be on our way.

My Life

December 20, 2011

People always ask me to post more pictures of my family. My kids are seriously so fun and cute but also VERY crazy. My wife and I were told having three kids is a total game changer. This is a huge understatement. Ethan is getting to the age where he can be somewhat helpful, but his energy level is off the charts. Ada knows she is my only little girl and uses that to her advantage. She can be a snot and somehow my tolerance level is a little higher with her. Gabe has taken many lessons in crazy from his older siblings. I can tell he will be the hardest of them all. He learned early on that mild crying brings mild results, but high pitched screaming brings immediate attention. And despite being terribly bull-legged, Gabe is scary fast. He can disappear around a corner and be destroying things before you even know he’s off your lap. As crazy as these three are, I love them so much. Then there is Taryn. She is the obvious reason as to why my kids are so good looking, and to be honest, I think she is the source of the craziness. I don’t know anyone that loves her kids as much as she does.


December 13, 2011

Thank you, Utah Bride Blog for featuring Viansa and Nick’s awesome wedding. Go check it out. LINK

In my attempt to get my blog caught up, here are some great pictures of Viansa and Nick’s awesome downtown wedding. I’ve been so lucky to have shot so many fun and unique weddings this year (you can tell it’s December, I’m getting very nostalgic). These two are seriously the best of friends, and it shows when you’re with them. I’ve mentioned, in a previous post how fun they are, and their wedding day showed that.

Despite being very pretty and talented, Viansa hates the spotlight. She especially does not like to kiss in front of people.

Dress: Alta Moda Bridal
Suit: Jcrew
Signs and Invitations:
Reception Venue: Pierpont Place
Flowers and Decorating: Ashley Francis W/Pierpont Place
Band: Joshua Payne Trio
Cakes: Bay Shore Cakes
Catering: Cosmopolitan Catering

It was such a pleasure to share this special day with these two. Here are some of my favorite images from their chili, but beautiful, November wedding.

I LOVE this picture. So often the father daughter dance is viewed as just something you have to do. More often than not the two just dance and talk about how the day has gone so far.  Seeing the emotion and gratitude from Annie, as she swayed on the dance floor with her loving dad, almost made me cry.

Annie and Kacey’s friends are just as fun and crazy as they are, which made the dancing so much fun.

Ashley and Matt Formals

November 27, 2011

It’s getting pretty cold outside. I’m not one that really likes when the temperature drops. I like playing outside with my kids, and you can’t do that as much during the winter. However, as my family and I were out driving around this afternoon, I couldn’t help but want snow. It’s a month until Christmas, and I think in order for me to fully get into the Christmas spirit, it really needs to snow. Do you feel the same way?

About a week ago, I met with Ashley and Matt at Wheeler Farm to take their pictures. Even though it was really cold, Ashley was awesome. I know I complained more about it than she did, and I was wearing a sweater.

I love the romantic feel these two brought to these pictures. I’m excited to share them with you.